May. 4th, 2017

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I've been trying to do the StoryADay May challenge... i've got a whole lot to learn when it comes to writing, but here's today's. I think I want to do something with it, some day.

Prompt: Bell in the Inquiry Room with a pile of Junk

The Bell rings, as it floats a few inches off the table, and the sound reverberates in Reen’s head and shakes her core.

It showed up at her house, in a box, just a few weeks ago. There was a note with it, unsigned, that read The time has come -- use it well, and nothing else. She’d shrugged, stuffed it in a drawer, and forgotten about it, until one day it appeared in her purse, and then her pocket, and as many times as she tried to stuff it back in the drawer, it wouldn’t leave.

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SASO 2017

May. 4th, 2017 08:21 pm
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 I'm Tea, a member of Grandstand, and I'll be adding my fills here for SASO 2017. 

Icebreaker meme | Bingo | Friending Meme | I'm also on the discord server!
Remixes of my fills are totally welcome, and I would love to see them! ALSO: none of my fills are posted fullsize, they don't really fit in the dw threads. If you would like a larger version, let me know (here, twitter, tumblr, wherever) and i'll upload it and send you a link ♥︎
If you would a better idea of my tastes and/or fandoms, I have a  listography that will give you a pretty good idea!
Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2017:
fill for my prompts: br1


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