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I've been trying to do the StoryADay May challenge... i've got a whole lot to learn when it comes to writing, but here's today's. I think I want to do something with it, some day.

Prompt: Bell in the Inquiry Room with a pile of Junk

The Bell rings, as it floats a few inches off the table, and the sound reverberates in Reen’s head and shakes her core.

It showed up at her house, in a box, just a few weeks ago. There was a note with it, unsigned, that read The time has come -- use it well, and nothing else. She’d shrugged, stuffed it in a drawer, and forgotten about it, until one day it appeared in her purse, and then her pocket, and as many times as she tried to stuff it back in the drawer, it wouldn’t leave.

Someone had sent her a goddamn magic Bell and she had no idea why.

She finally made it to the Inquiry Room, she’s here, and she’s still completely alone. The emptiness of the room hangs over her, heavy on her shoulders. She needs answers, and this is the only place she can think to get them.

The sound of the Bell accents the emptiness, its inanimate jingle mocking her.

She pounds on the door, shouting for the Inquisitor. She hears no response, but finds she never expected one; the Bell continues its ceaseless deconstruction of Reen’s life, the eradication of every support structure she’s ever had, every avenue that was once open to her.

Her best friend wasn’t taking her goddamn call, and she is tired of it.

Reen takes a step back, steels herself, and raises her boot, kicking the door. It’s solid, and she crashes into it, landing on the floor. The Bell continues to ring, almost a chuckle. Reen stands up, dusts herself off, and launches herself at the door again.

This time, the heel of her boot sinks into wood, and carves out a tiny crack in the surface. It only takes a few more solid kicks -- Reen’s leg beginning to ache quite a bit -- and finally the door comes crashing down.

Reen brushes her damp forehead with a long, emerald green sleeve, and strides into the room, prepared to break things if it gets her best friend’s -- for mer best friend? -- her attention.

But the room is empty.

For once, the Bell is silent.

A shimmering glow appears behind the ornate desk, quickly growing and becoming more visible,

brighter, and it pulls. Buddenly the Bell is in Reen’s hand, and she’s stepping into what is now a portal before she registers making the decision.

Everything spins, the Bell chimes softly, its echo circling and spinning and swirling, everywhere at once. Reen is abruptly spat out onto the floor, dizzy, and as she waits for her vision to stabilize, she hears a very familiar voice.

“Reen! Is that you?”

Bora’s words, laced with surprise but also relief, sound from behind Reen, and she turns to find her friend chained to the wall. Cuffs materialize out of the air and secure her to the wall opposite her friend, several yards between them.

“Yeah, it’s me,” Reen sighs, gaze dropping to the softly chirping Bell at her side, hooked on her belt. “Looks like you got dragged into this mess, too; sorry about that.”

Bora’s reply is cut off as a low buzzing fills the room, followed by another shimmering portal, and a large, dark boot appears out of it, followed leisurely by a dark robed figure.

“Ah, we meet at last, Bell Ringer,” a male voice says from beneath the shadowed cowl. “I thought you’d never get here.”

“It’s not like you made it easy, asshole,” Reen snarls. “Could’ve dropped by any time, you’re the one making stupid portals out of thin air.”

The figure chuckles, a deep, resonating, sinister sound. The hair on Reen’s arms stands on end, and she feels cloaked in icy contempt.

“But that would be no fun at all,” he says, almost a purr, circling the room, his portal still shimmering behind him. He strides across the floor, careless and completely unconcerned with either of them.

Reen clenches her fist, straining at the chains, longing to his him in his smug, obscured face.
It’s probably ugly, too. She’d put money on it.

“If you want me Bell so badly, take the damn thing. I never wanted it in the first place,” Reen growls through clenched teeth, getting real tired of his predatory circling.

“If only it were that simple,” he sighs, and pauses in front of her, looming over her. He was almost a whole foot taller, but that put him at perfect dick kicking height.

Reen was quick to take advantage of that, but her leg passed through him like smoke, and he vanished, appearing instantly on the far side of the room.

There was another swift kick, this time from Bora, and that one landed.

Reen focused, concentrating on the cuffs, finding the mechanism inside in her mind. She pushed at it, tugging, pushing, clicking, and shortly they fell to the floor with a clang.

The robed figure let out a high-pitched screech, and Reen pulled the Bell from her belt, letting it ring loud and free. She uncuffed Bora, the robed man cowering, still screeching, on the floor, and Reen dived through the shimmering portal with Bora’s arm securely in her grasp.

But the Bell jumped from her grasp, dropping somewhere in the portal, and when her feet finally hit solid ground, the Bell was gone.

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