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May. 4th, 2017 08:21 pm
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 I'm Tea, a member of Grandstand, and I'll be adding my fills here for SASO 2017. 

Icebreaker meme | Bingo | Friending Meme | I'm also on the discord server!
Remixes of my fills are totally welcome, and I would love to see them! ALSO: none of my fills are posted fullsize, they don't really fit in the dw threads. If you would like a larger version, let me know (here, twitter, tumblr, wherever) and i'll upload it and send you a link ♥︎
If you would a better idea of my tastes and/or fandoms, I have a  listography that will give you a pretty good idea!
Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2017:
fill for my prompts: br1

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eyy I'm Tea, and if you're looking to bait me with prompts... this is the place to be. (I might've missed some things, another good place to look for my preferences is my listography) i also have links to icebreaker and friending meme, as well as other social media where you can find me, in my sticky post! lurk away. OH i also mostly draw, but i will make an attempt to do writing fills as well this year, maybe??

most invested: OOFURI, Haikyuu!!
could be compelled: Angelic Layer, Free!
am still getting familiar with, but possible: All Out!, Stride, Ballroom
only somewhat familiar: Daiya, KnB

definitely not an exhaustive list, i have a lot of faves and am an avid multishipper, but these might get me to yell real loud:

Oofuri: abemiha, abemiha, and abemiha. Most Nishiura combos. Sakaeguchi, Izumi. Tomoi & Ogawa, the cheer ladies that barely get any attention. Junta and Kawai. Rio &/ Tajima. honestly i will yell about p much any oof prompt unless it's super nsfw 

Haikyuu!!: Tananoya!! ennonoya, any combo of 2nd Yr Squad, kenhina, kagehina, 3rd yr trio, bokuaka, ennoaka, yakunoya, any combo of kiyoko, yachi, and yui; I love Saeko to pieces but do not feel strongly about any Saeko ships. Saeko/being a badass. Oh, also Aone! and datekou, but i'm not as familiar with them.

Angelic Layer: pls prompt my bb girl Tamayo, i love her so much. Other than that I haven't really settled on ships yet (they're so smol omg, so especially not unless they're aged up)

All Out!!: hmmm also not sure on ships since I only watched it recently, but characters: Ebumi Masaru, Ise, Oharano Etsugo, Gion, Iwashimizu Sumiaki, Kifune Isao

+ AUs. br1 is my jam, yo. Particularly music/dance AUs, magic AUs, and i could literally go on forever i love AUs and worldbuilding. solarpunk, pacrim, hp, ready player one (not a book i particularly enjoyed but SUCH GOOD AU FODDER)
+ scifi! space operas! robots, time travel, aliens, etc!
+ enemies to friends (to lovers)
+ found family!!!!
+ friendships, platonic relationships, qpps!!!!, gen
+ unusual fills for my prompts. any fill that starts "this is probably not what you meant.." is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FINE BY ME that's the fun of prompts and fills!!! go wild my friendo, I will not be disappointed in the slightest i promise
+ hands
+ i'm such a sucker for fluff, end me, but i've gotten angst fills in the past and fucking loved all of them so come at me i guess

thank for reading, happy prompting! 
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Today I wrote a bit about two of my OCs meeting, because the prompt was a chance encounter, and I love my OCs, and never give them enough attention. Devonte is a self-absorbed genius asshole mechanic, Sheol is mysterious, and they are both inconsolably gay. ~1750 words.

You meet him in line for your morning dose of caffeine at Royna’s, the cafe a few blocks from your workshop (their beverages are all disgustingly sweet and you can’t live without them, and lord protect anyone who comes between you and your morning -- occasionally also afternoon -- Royna’s). 
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I've been trying to do the StoryADay May challenge... i've got a whole lot to learn when it comes to writing, but here's today's. I think I want to do something with it, some day.

Prompt: Bell in the Inquiry Room with a pile of Junk

The Bell rings, as it floats a few inches off the table, and the sound reverberates in Reen’s head and shakes her core.

It showed up at her house, in a box, just a few weeks ago. There was a note with it, unsigned, that read The time has come -- use it well, and nothing else. She’d shrugged, stuffed it in a drawer, and forgotten about it, until one day it appeared in her purse, and then her pocket, and as many times as she tried to stuff it back in the drawer, it wouldn’t leave.

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Sep. 6th, 2016 12:02 am
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a 100 word drabble, part of Story a Day May, because i am way rusty

Mark makes the coffee.

I didn’t instate the rule, but it’s ironclad. You don’t mess with Office Laws, and this one’s right at the top.

So when there isn’t a mug of coffee on your desk precisely at 8:15 -- Mark is never late, this is why he makes the coffee -- you are immediately alarmed.

“No coffee?” You receive blank stares from your coworkers, all coffee-deprived zombies. This is officially a crisis.

The break room is deserted, the coffeemaker cold and dark and definitely not filled with fresh, hot coffee.

You have a headache; Mark’s desk has a starbucks receipt.
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After not writing a single thing for several years, here's an ~800 word drabble on an abemiha Time Traveler's Wife AU because i have no sense of self preservation whatsoever. cheers

tags: description of a panic attack, naked butts


Waking up without your clothes on is getting really fucking annoying.

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I'm Tea, captain for Team Abe Takaya/Mihashi Ren, and I'll be adding my fills here for SASO 2016.

Remixes are totally welcome, and I would love to see them! ALSO: none of my fills are posted fullsize, they don't really fit in the dw threads. If you would like a larger version, let me know (here, twitter, tumblr, wherever) and i'll upload it and post a link ♥︎

If you would like an idea of my tastes and/or fandoms, I have a listography that will give you a pretty good idea!

Sports Anime Shipping Olympics 2016:

BR1: AoHina Shopping, TanaNoya in dresses, IwaOi DanceOff, KyoutaniIwaizumi and Dogs, YachiYui Knight&Princess
BR2: Crow's Angels, Abe needed tickles, cabin in the woods au
BR3: iwaoi bubblewrap, MomoUkai coach bonding, abemiha hp au, daisuga pkmn, mizusaka mixtape,


fill for my prompts: br1 NishiOki, KageHina, br3 tajimihabe, 2, 3, abemiha, izuhiro, tananoya, 2, haruabe, kenhina, br4

HSWC fills

Aug. 10th, 2013 06:30 pm
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made this post on tumblr, figured it'd probably be a good idea to crosspost.

For my own reference, or anyone looking for em, here some of the prompts I’ve filled for HSWC. (also on tumblr)

BR1 - [JohnRose] [DaveKat], [DirkJake], [EriFef], [KarkatKankri]

BR3 - [DaveDirk], [AraKat], [JohnBro], [EriKar]

BR4 - [DavespriteJohn], [DaveDirk]

BR5 - [Scrabble], [SORRY]

also my team’s MR1, MR2, and MR3 entries.


Jun. 6th, 2013 02:41 pm
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Does anyone know of any teams that haven't gotten graphics for bonus round 0 yet? I don't want anyone to be left out D:
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whoops kinda neglected dreamwidth while school ate my soul.

Gonna get back into the swing of writing over the summer though! BRING IT, UNIVERSE. Hopefully i'll be paying a visit to the kinkmeme for some inspiration. Feel free to check my tumblr (my username is the same) and leave me suggestions, I am totally open to ideas.

I could always use ideas for things to write. ;)

(or draw)

(I draw too)
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i might use this account to post little drabbles? if i do any?? that are worth... posting??? haha. there is a ninety-nine point nine percent chance they will be homestuck. Because i am smitten with this -- story, and its fandom, and the characters, and it is my current sandbox and i like this sandbox and am not planning to leave anytime soon.


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